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Should testers follow processes?

Testing and QA activity is very much processes oriented.Almost everybody in this area follow some or the other process.How good it is to follow processes?Should we follow each and every processes blindly?How much it really helps?Many such questions comes to the mind.I have seen many testers love to test but hate the processes.They hate the job just because it needs a lots of processes and documentations.So definitely its a big question,how helpful is this processes part for a tester as well as the product.Let me give you my point of view from experience.
Processes If followed in right sense is good for both the tester as well as the product. Hmmm..diplomatic answer??

Let me explain.I know people or organization follow processes just for the sake of it or may be the motive behind them is to achieve CMMi level 5 or get recognition in internal or external audits.Few mangers also need some numbers to present to the higher management and they need to follow the processes and get d…

An Open Lecture by James Bach on Software Testing

A very interesting video for Software Testing Professionals by James Bach on Software Testing

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