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I hate Make My Trips(MMT)

I have been using MMT from the days when there were only limited options for flight bookings. The service was good and slowly they became big guys of travel industries in India. In last few months or say a year or two their customer service has deteriorated to a pathetic level. It reminds me of Airtel, It was the best service provider few years back but now its pathetic(may be I will dedicate another post for Airtel). Why these companies outgrow their capacity to serve their customers properly ? Is it because Customer Service is part of sales ?

Let me share my bad experiences with MMT one by one:

1. Honeymoon Package booked in 2011 May to Shimla & Manali: If I tell you the whole story it will be an essay. The tour was more on bus than sight seeing. We spent more than half of our time in the bus itself. The guy from MMT accompanying us was just a mute spectator, he was not ready to take up any responsibility for the mishaps whether its bad food in the hotels, bus condition…

I love Flipkart

I am an avid reader, I dream If I can read all the books in the world. This is little too much, I mean all the books related to my areas of interest. I wish I could read a book in five minutes. These are some of my fantasies ;-)
    There was a time I used to go to Land mark and browse through books and buy some. But not sure when and how I landed up to flipkart someday. I was little skeptical about it like any Indian on online buying, but I took a chance and that was history.

Some points why I like them so much:
You got a name of the book, wanna buy and read.You don't have to go anywhere, search in the huge store, be in the queue to pay for it. In the middle of the night you can order.Shipping is free and so quick. May be because I stay in Bangalore, there are instances when I ordered the book at 11pm and got it delivered the next day morning.User experience in the site is also awesome. You need to fill very few details for the first time as well as for the repeat orders.…

Make Money Online - Blogging

Before you start this, read this post If you have not read yet.

I assumed you have read my previous post and you have decided to monetize your blog. Think again, this is a decision you have to make and sometimes its not so easy as it seems to be. Different people have different reasons to write a blog, so it may not fit into that objective. So before jumping into it directly think again and make your conscience very clear. Bookmark this blog and come back when you are absolutely sure about it.

       So now you have decided, the first principle is forget about it(that you are going to make money from the blog). Blogging is the most convenient business opportunity without any entry barrier, so obviously many people are doing this. But only 1% of them make substantial amount of money which can be considered as a good income. So you have to be among those 1%, its little tricky but not impossible. There are some specific characteristics of a successful blogger and you have to buil…

How our favorite Google and Facebook are (mis)using our personal data

Google is one of the most respected Organization of our time. We get so over-whelmed  by its number of free tools we are using in our day to day life. I seriously think, 90% (or more??) of our software folks will loose their job If google vanishes one fine day.

     So how can some company give such awesome products free of cost? From where it's getting all the money to invest in the product development? Google makes billions in online advertising. The ads you see in Google search pages or even inside Gmail inbox fetches all the money. So the cool products are the selling point to attract more user. So more traffic coming to the Google sites means more money for Google.That is the business model of Google, make awesome products free for use and in turn get traffic which translates  to ad revenue.This is fair enough, nothing wrong in that.

             But that is not all, there are more tricks behind the screen. The ads we see are targeted for the specific user. Google…

Can we think beyond Test Planning?

Since the time we started testing software, I mean software testing as a separate, distinct and independent activity in SDLC, we are following the same STLC: Test Planning, Test Execution,Test Reporting and Sign Off. We may say, we are following V-model or water fall or agile, ultimately we end up with same method of writing test cases and executing them.

         If we see the evolution of software development methodology in last two decades, it has gone through a lot of changes. But our testing process has not been changed in reciprocal to that. We still follow the same processes which were developed may be ten fifteen years ago. I feel this typical testing life cycle is the brain child of service industry pioneers, predominantly, one to bill the customer nicely  for each end every activities, two to minimize the people dependency (It would be another debate to justify how any process can replace the smart people, ordinary people can be replaced even by automation ), three to…

Is Entreprenurship your cup of tea?

Now a days starting your own company or working for yourself or starting a business is the latest craze in India(I am also a big fan of Entrepreneurship). For what ever reason, If you have decided to plunge into this bandwagon, It would be a wise idea to get yourselves tested first before going live :-).

These are two tests you can try for that :

This is a small test, it would hardly take 5 mins of your time.

But after the test, spend enough time to read the result and interpretation.

This is a little lengthy test of 50 questions but worth trying:

Be honest, Its alright to fail here than in the real market.

Make Money Online - Passive Income

You earn 1 lakh rupees per month from your job, you are smart. People respect you and you have a lots of credibility. You go to office everyday or at least five days per week. Work for one of the best employers in the world, enjoying best of the benefits and facilities. You can buy anything you want and do anything you like without thinking much about the cost.

         Sounds good, but the smartest people find the way how can they earn without working full time. How can their money grow even without putting much effort? Its called passive income. There are so many ways starting from investing to blogging to affiliate programs or even simply renting your house. Learn how money can work for you not the other way round.

         With ever increasing internet penetration in India, it provides so many online money making avenues, which anyone can explore with very low or no investment. But any business where there is no entry barrier, competition is very tough. So be aware of…

Why we don't see a 20 year experinced tester in india?

Now I have more than 7 years of experience in software testing, at a critical junction in my career to think what next? Normally we (or only me) build our career by looking at successful people around us from the same domain. We look forward to our role models to follow.

           So when I look around I hardly find people still love to be a individual contributor in software testing by choice. The usual career path is like test engineer - Senior Test Engineer(Test Lead) - Test Manager. Some Organizations, mostly product based, have the designations like Principal QA or even Senior Principal QA or Test Architect. But that works as a place holder for people eligible for Test Manager or Test Manager in waiting.

              May be my assessment is wrong, but I don't see people aspire to be a test specialist through out their career especially in India. More over sometimes organizations don't consider, people want to be in individual contributor role for a longer period…

CrowdSourcing Vs OutSourcing

Of late crowd-sourcing is becoming popular day by day. If you have not heard about it or heard but don't know what it is : This is about out-sourcing the work to a large crowd typically by dividing the whole job into smaller packages.Crowd-sourcing takes the advantage of the collective knowledge or skill set of a large number of people.We can safely consider crowd-sourcing as a type of out-sourcing. 

           Out-sourcing is done to a company or organization, the people working on a outsourced work belong to a company. But crowd-sourcing is done to individuals or freelancers, typically people not related to each other and they work independently on their own terms. Crowd-sourcing is not a completely new concept, the development of open source software is also crowd-sourcing. Other popular crowdsourced products are:

Yahoo Answers

          But these are open source products developed by people in their leisure time who are passionate about the technolog…