Blogging - What you should learn?

            In my First Post on blogging, we discussed the initial steps to start. The bottom line is to create original and real useful content for your target audience, never compromise on that. But in spite of creating good content, its also important to learn and use some tools or techniques in your blog. Don't get scared by the word techniques, If you are purely from a non technical background. You don't have to be a geek neither you have to code some complex algorithms. If you search on net you will get so many SEO tips,tools and experts to bring traffic to your blog. But I would encourage you to do it on your own.

     The tools and techniques you find in blogs are not rocket science, most of them are very easy to use without any technical background. I am just listing them below in no particular order:

  1. Tagging
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Search Engine
  4. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  5. Submitting to Search Engines
  6. RSS
  7. Feeds and Feed Aggregators
  8. Track Backs
  9. Page rank
  10. Link Referral (Read my latest update)
  11. Contextual Advertising
  12. Affiliate Programs
  13. Backlinks
  14. Blog Carnival
  15. Traffic Statistics
  16. Comments & Comment Spams
OK, I will not make this list any longer for the time being. The easiest way to learn and implement them is just google each term or phrase and read the first couple of links you find in the results. Get a functional knowledge of the technique and implement it in your blog. It may not work initially, but that is good starting point and you can build on it slowly.
            I would try to make your life even simpler, let me give a step by step guide to implement each one of them in my next posts. But the list is not complete but a good starting point. We will slowly built on the list as well as implementing them.


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