How our favorite Google and Facebook are (mis)using our personal data

          Google is one of the most respected Organization of our time. We get so over-whelmed  by its number of free tools we are using in our day to day life. I seriously think, 90% (or more??) of our software folks will loose their job If google vanishes one fine day.

     So how can some company give such awesome products free of cost? From where it's getting all the money to invest in the product development? Google makes billions in online advertising. The ads you see in Google search pages or even inside Gmail inbox fetches all the money. So the cool products are the selling point to attract more user. So more traffic coming to the Google sites means more money for Google.That is the business model of Google, make awesome products free for use and in turn get traffic which translates  to ad revenue.This is fair enough, nothing wrong in that.

             But that is not all, there are more tricks behind the screen. The ads we see are targeted for the specific user. Google not only attracts users by the means of awesome products, it tracks their activity on internet. Have you marked the ads you see in Gmail inbox or YouTube pages or even Google search pages ? The ads are not always relevant to the current page you are browsing rather they are related to your past searches and websites you have visited.

       Some specific examples I would give, I browse many investment related sites. So even when I am watching some old movie songs in you tube, Google feeds me investment related ads. Once I landed on a travel related site randomly through some link and spend some time out of curiosity. I saw that website ads many times in google search pages and youtube after that even If I am doing something completely different from the travel site. Since then I am marking the free ads thrown at me and I could see the relevance. The same thing also happens in Facebook.

     So this is not fair, they can not and should not track our personal data , search pattern and site visits. Its like spying on our online activity, which even our parents don't do!!!

So can't we live without Google and Facebook? The day I realized the thin line between time pass and time waste, I minimized Facebook usage. Regarding Google its tough, I came across with two interesting articles on this here and here.


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