I hate Make My Trips(MMT)

         I have been using MMT from the days when there were only limited options for flight bookings. The service was good and slowly they became big guys of travel industries in India. In last few months or say a year or two their customer service has deteriorated to a pathetic level. It reminds me of Airtel, It was the best service provider few years back but now its pathetic(may be I will dedicate another post for Airtel). Why these companies outgrow their capacity to serve their customers properly ? Is it because Customer Service is part of sales ?

Let me share my bad experiences with MMT one by one:

1. Honeymoon Package booked in 2011 May to Shimla & Manali: If I tell you the whole story it will be an essay. The tour was more on bus than sight seeing. We spent more than half of our time in the bus itself. The guy from MMT accompanying us was just a mute spectator, he was not ready to take up any responsibility for the mishaps whether its bad food in the hotels, bus condition or journey timings. In Manali, they changed the Hotel stay from what was mentioned in the plan. Many of the fellow passengers were really angry and had decided for case in consumer court etc. MMT is just like another travel agent you book your packages, just they operate online. They have all setting(Jugaad) with the local travel agents to the hotel to the guy supplying winter wear for playing in the snow. Even If you have to pay them separately(not included in your package), you don't have the choice to opt for better and cheaper options. The guy while booking told me verbally, he will provide all the bills for LTA claim, I preferred not to follow up on those things at that time and planed my holiday instead.After the holiday is over, when I asked for the bills the customer care representative simply denied saying its not applicable for the package I had opted for. So I am not entitled for receiving a bill of the payment I have made. The worst thing at the end, they dropped us at Delhi Airport at terminal 1 and our flight was from terminal 3(or it was other way round) and it takes at least half an hour to travel from one terminal to another. We just got to know when we wanted to check out and went to other terminal, could just boarded the flight at the last minute.

2. Flight ticket cancellation : If you cancel the flight booked through MMT, MMT will deduct Rs 250 on top of the flight operator's cancellation charge. So its better to book directly from the flight operator's site rather than MMT site. Don't go by the price shown in MMT, sometimes when you book and make the payment, the same price may not be available.

3. Offers advertised on the MMT site : Most of the offers displayed have more hidden clauses than what you see. You can book ticket expecting the offer, but you won't get it. If you contact their customer care, they will reply you after a week giving the complete list of terms and conditions to qualify for the offer and left you keep guessing whether you you will get it or not. Still I am waiting for their response on my offer claims.

4. No SLA for customer query: When you send them for some query or clarifications or even refund of your dues, you will get an immediate reply saying they will get back in a day. But they take their own to reply in a week or so. After you get a reply you will receive a SMS asking for the feedback on the solution. If you reply that you are not satisfied, you will immediately get an reply saying they will incorporate your feedback next time ;-). Still I am waiting for my refund related query and clarifications.

5. Hotel bookings in MMT is not confirmed : When you book a hotel, you will receive an email saying the booking is on request and MMT representative will get back to you with the confirmation within 1 business day and then money will be deducted from your account. I booked a hotel in Allepy before 9 days of my check in. I received the same mail. after 3 days, no confirmation.Then I proactively checked the hotel, they told they have no room available for the type I have booked on the that date. But another type of room is available, So I blocked that room on phone. I reached to MMT to send me confirmation, they have already deducted money from my credit card(I can see the amount in my online statement). No confirmation till the day before my check in date. Just the day before, evening when I was traveling to Allepy I got call from MMT saying the room is not available. What if I have not contacted the hotel to block the other room. I stayed in a smaller room of lower rent than what I had booked. MMT guy on phone told me they will refund my differential amount, but no refund yet(4 days after the check out).

6. They have charge 2% in bus booking : When you book the bus through  MMT, they charge you 2% extra for bank or card charges. Its like your local travel agent asking you to pay 2% extra for using your card or make the exact payment if you pay by cash. There are other online bus booking services like red bus charge the exact amount.

I don't want to make this a very long post, the gist is there are better options available to book your tickets and packages online. Every hotel or flight or bus operator have their own website and all contact details available online, Its better to reach out to them rather than these middlemen. If you find any issues, lodge complain even for Rs 200 rather than taking the easiest "Chalta Hai" route.Now MMT has come up with a new trap of privilege customers. In my personal opinion, do your won bookings individually for travel as well as hotels rather than taking a package. World is a small place now, all details are available  on net free of cost. I will share my self planned trip experiences with a fraction of packaged tour cost and ultimate satisfaction..


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