I love Flipkart

        I am an avid reader, I dream If I can read all the books in the world. This is little too much, I mean all the books related to my areas of interest. I wish I could read a book in five minutes. These are some of my fantasies ;-)
    There was a time I used to go to Land mark and browse through books and buy some. But not sure when and how I landed up to flipkart someday. I was little skeptical about it like any Indian on online buying, but I took a chance and that was history.

Some points why I like them so much:
  1. You got a name of the book, wanna buy and read.You don't have to go anywhere, search in the huge store, be in the queue to pay for it. In the middle of the night you can order.
  2. Shipping is free and so quick. May be because I stay in Bangalore, there are instances when I ordered the book at 11pm and got it delivered the next day morning.
  3. User experience in the site is also awesome. You need to fill very few details for the first time as well as for the repeat orders.
  4. COD is a good option for people don't trust paying online.
  5. Although I have never used, 30 day money back guarantee makes sense.
  6. Discount is assured, I normally find its cheaper than any book store. Many times I have found a book in a store noted down the price and come back bought from FlipKart ;-). 
  7. Its not only books, they are expanding their product range from mobile to computer accessories to pen and diaries etc etc. 
Recently I found another price comparison engine MySmartPrice. When I compare any items before I buy, I find some other sites selling with little more discount. But I don't want to take a chance, its all because of excellent customer service I have experienced. Hope it turns out to be India Amazon.


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