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      Before you start this, read this post If you have not read yet.

I assumed you have read my previous post and you have decided to monetize your blog. Think again, this is a decision you have to make and sometimes its not so easy as it seems to be. Different people have different reasons to write a blog, so it may not fit into that objective. So before jumping into it directly think again and make your conscience very clear. Bookmark this blog and come back when you are absolutely sure about it.

       So now you have decided, the first principle is forget about it(that you are going to make money from the blog). Blogging is the most convenient business opportunity without any entry barrier, so obviously many people are doing this. But only 1% of them make substantial amount of money which can be considered as a good income. So you have to be among those 1%, its little tricky but not impossible. There are some specific characteristics of a successful blogger and you have to build them. Its going to take some time and you need to stick to the basics. Consistency and perseverance is the key.

Choose your area   
Think about how you can create awesome content. Think about your strong areas of interest on which you can write. Think about the subject on which you are passionate about and can build your knowledge on it over a period of time. Blog is nothing but a medium of communication. So decide which type of communication you are good at: written or verbal. If you are good at writing and can build on it think about writing articles or If you are good at verbal communication then you can think of podcast. The subject should be so close to your heart that you can't help writing about it rather than writing about it out of an obligation to post.

Frequency and size of post
This is a debatable topic. Don't think what would be right or what people will like. There are successful bloggers who write small posts daily(or even more frequent) like here and some write huge posts in a particular interval like here. So choose what is suitable to you and stick to it. The key is content and it should be regular. Its going to be a long term commitment so take some time to decide as you should not post something affecting the quality to oblige your frequency. But its not a tough task If you do your homework properly.

When are you going start putting ads
So at last come to the point where we started, monetizing the blog. One most common question is: should we start monetizing from the day 1(like putting ads or sponsoring affiliate programs). You may not, but keep a target in you mind on the future of your blog. How you want it to be, and when you get a clear picture of your future blog you can start. At least your readers should not get a surprise one fine day.

Rome is not built in a day, start slowly and steadily. Next time we will talk about some specific skills both technical and non technical you need to develop for successful blogging.

Tips of the day : Don't give advice, its very cheap, try to solve their problem.


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