Make Money Online - Passive Income

            You earn 1 lakh rupees per month from your job, you are smart. People respect you and you have a lots of credibility. You go to office everyday or at least five days per week. Work for one of the best employers in the world, enjoying best of the benefits and facilities. You can buy anything you want and do anything you like without thinking much about the cost.

         Sounds good, but the smartest people find the way how can they earn without working full time. How can their money grow even without putting much effort? Its called passive income. There are so many ways starting from investing to blogging to affiliate programs or even simply renting your house. Learn how money can work for you not the other way round.

         With ever increasing internet penetration in India, it provides so many online money making avenues, which anyone can explore with very low or no investment. But any business where there is no entry barrier, competition is very tough. So be aware of this. Its not impossible to earn considerable amount of money online, but you have to make some really smart move.

      At the same time there are lots of fraud in the name of making money online. You must have got lots of advertisement or spam mails for working part time or full time online and earn tons of money. So they know know the secret of earning in thousands and sharing with you? Doesn't it sound too good to be true? In addition to that If someone is asking an entry fee, how small it may be, try to avoid that. You can invest money to learn or acquire some skills but not to join such programs.

         I will discuss about the methods or ways to earn a passive income online or offline in my coming posts.  I have come across the vast resources of methods, tips and tricks to make money online. I want to make a complete how-to-do list of them for my own reference as well for others which can be implemented easily.

Disclaimer : All my findings are from internet which are available free of cost and I have collected from my years of browsing the vast world wide web. I don't claim everything will work for everyone. But I will give as detail information as possible so anyone can implement it, needless to say you can interact with me through the comments If you need any clarifications.


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