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Travel tips - Don't plan too much in advance

Most of us love traveling, visiting new places, experiencing new activities and more importantly some time away from the routine work we do everyday. Our objective of travel outing is different in different times.

We make lots of plans, book tickets, hotels, inquire about all minor details including food, mode of transport, places to visit in the locality blah blah. If all these are planned and predictable then how its different from our daily routine life. Leave some space for adventure and unexpected experiences, which I feel should be a necessary part of the tour.

Tip No 1 - Don't plan in so much details. Don't book a packaged tour. Only thing you should book is the travel to the place by bus, train or flight which ever is convenient. If tickets are readily available and you don't get any substantial discount for booking in advance, take your time for booking. If you are going with family and skeptical about your accommodation, book a decent hotel for 2 days, not for t…

No tester in Facebook

I read somewhere that Facebook doesn't have a dedicated testing team. Googled ;-) on it and found this. The arguments mentioned in the post sounds logical. The method followed for finding and fixing any defects are also fine. Then what it actually bothers me is the increasing number of QA or software testers in India's service industry and company like Facebook don't need one.

If Facebook can do away without a dedicated testing team then what is the need of testers really? The quality of Facebook site is not bad, then is it really a smart way to adopt. Of course testing is done in someway or the other like mentioned in the article: by the developers themselves, by the Facebook apps developers or former employees. So its a carefully planned approach not to invest on testing.

Even the start ups don't hire full time testers, rather they can not afford to. Facebook is also an start up only, rather a very successful one. So QA is a luxury of organizations with …

DOs and DON'Ts for bidding projects in freelance sites

Freelancing is one of the most desired profile for any professional in their area of expertise. It gives you the freedom of working on your own terms in your own area of interest. It almost gives you the sense of running your own business. You become your own boss, worker, marketeer and value creator. At the higher end of value chain you can designate yourself as Independent Consultant, then freelancing becomes consulting. But its an opportunity with low or no entry barrier. Hence comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you be a successful freelancer or not, on the way it teaches you many things.

        The starting point of freelancing, If you don't have any contacts or known customer who is looking for your service, is the freelancing websites. The normal classified sites or news paper ads and yellow pages also give advertise about the freelance work, but my personal advice ignore them If you don't have any clear information about the advertiser. Many of the…

Blogging - What you should learn?

In my First Post on blogging, we discussed the initial steps to start. The bottom line is to create original and real useful content for your target audience, never compromise on that. But in spite of creating good content, its also important to learn and use some tools or techniques in your blog. Don't get scared by the word techniques, If you are purely from a non technical background. You don't have to be a geek neither you have to code some complex algorithms. If you search on net you will get so many SEO tips,tools and experts to bring traffic to your blog. But I would encourage you to do it on your own.

     The tools and techniques you find in blogs are not rocket science, most of them are very easy to use without any technical background. I am just listing them below in no particular order:

TaggingSocial BookmarkingSearch EngineSearch Engine Optimization(SEO)Submitting to Search EnginesRSSFeeds and Feed AggregatorsTrack BacksPage rankLink Referral (Read my…