No tester in Facebook

I read somewhere that Facebook doesn't have a dedicated testing team. Googled ;-) on it and found this. The arguments mentioned in the post sounds logical. The method followed for finding and fixing any defects are also fine. Then what it actually bothers me is the increasing number of QA or software testers in India's service industry and company like Facebook don't need one.

If Facebook can do away without a dedicated testing team then what is the need of testers really? The quality of Facebook site is not bad, then is it really a smart way to adopt. Of course testing is done in someway or the other like mentioned in the article: by the developers themselves, by the Facebook apps developers or former employees. So its a carefully planned approach not to invest on testing.

Even the start ups don't hire full time testers, rather they can not afford to. Facebook is also an start up only, rather a very successful one. So QA is a luxury of organizations with big budget or spending capacity? How logical is it to outsource the responsibility of quality to someone outside the team in the name of independent testing. Even within a product organization the passionate programer is concerned with the quality of his delivery or someone from outside (even QA within the organization)  can do that justice.

QA can do a confirmatory job or can enforce some level of quality on the developer. At the same time it adds to the careless attitude of developers: Not to worry QA is there to catch our defects in code. Then who is helping whom?

Everybody wants the best value for money, hence its becoming increasingly important for the testers to create value instead of doing the routine job. For that we need to develop the skills on the way. I personally feel slowly we are moving towards a situation where non productive (so called lead or managers of the team) people will become redundant. Unless someone is an exceptional leader, If he is not contributing technically to the product, will be difficult to survive. So If you have 20 years experience in testing you have to contribute to the project proportionate to the experience. Automation is not a threat to the manual testers, as a script can only do the job of an average person or of hundreds of them  but no script can replicate the intelligent testing of an extraordinary tester. So try to be an extra ordinary tester not the one which Facebook is not interested to hire.


  1. If I am not wrong Facebook is community product where you release beta version get customer feedback & release another version.
    IT industry needs Testers who are skilled. Important skill for testers are 1. Bug finding 2. Bug reporting 3. Communication & 4. Problem Solving.

    I am bit confused with your article. Do you mean Testers are redundant? or do you mean Skilled tester is the requirement?


  2. Regarding facebook's way of product development, not much information available on how they are developing and taking care of their product quality. So If what is available on internet is true, that they don't have testers, I have two concerns as a tester. If these are not very evident from my post, summary is:

    1.Successful companies like FB don't need dedicated tester to deliver quality product, someone else is doing our job(developer himself or consumer of the application)
    2. As a tester or testing community we need to do a lot to gain the credibility and prove the value add we give to the product.

  3. Who told that facebook is not having testing team. They have!!!!!!
    And a team is there in India also.

  4. Hi mahesh,
    The link I have mentioned in the post from quora( says so.
    May be you are right, they might have testers now, Can you throw some more light on the testing team and what they are doing If you are aware of?


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