Travel tips - Don't plan too much in advance

Most of us love traveling, visiting new places, experiencing new activities and more importantly some time away from the routine work we do everyday. Our objective of travel outing is different in different times.

We make lots of plans, book tickets, hotels, inquire about all minor details including food, mode of transport, places to visit in the locality blah blah. If all these are planned and predictable then how its different from our daily routine life. Leave some space for adventure and unexpected experiences, which I feel should be a necessary part of the tour.

Tip No 1 - Don't plan in so much details. Don't book a packaged tour. Only thing you should book is the travel to the place by bus, train or flight which ever is convenient. If tickets are readily available and you don't get any substantial discount for booking in advance, take your time for booking. If you are going with family and skeptical about your accommodation, book a decent hotel for 2 days, not for the whole stay.

Travel with most convenient option but stay in a decent place, not very costly. You can always get the best options If you explore in the place on your own, not online or remotely unless you have a reference. I have always got the best options at the place exploring on my own than booking online. Last time I visited Goa, stayed in a home stay. It was very close(100 meter, and visible) to the beach and cost was much cheaper(Rs 1000 only per day) than similar resorts, in fact a resort just next to that costs three times its rate. Same in Allepy, I had stayed in a home stay costing me Rs 600 per day. More over these homely places don't make a fuss about strict check in and out time and much more hospitable than star hotels(there are few exception though) If you are not very particular with the paid courtesy(like the smile of hostesses). I have seen many foreigners prefer the cheap places(in both the above places foreigners were staying), and we Indians stay in exotic hotels and resorts.

 Most of us, even me, like to visit places and locations in the area. We inquire about all those locations in advance and make it a point to see all of them. We spend most of the times again traveling in the same place morning to evening from places to place. Rather relax and explore the area by simple means of transport like a bike or local bus or auto. I have seen foreigners finding the decent accommodation, nice place to relax and roam around like localities. We book a taxi, day tour package for sight seeing etc.

Less luggage more comfortable, I have followed this always and never repented on the same. Nobody notices you in a unknown place If you are wearing same pair of dress for couple of days. Many of the belongings can be avoided like shaving kit, extra pair of shoes, food items, bed sheet pillow etc. The luggage should be enough for one Bag or backpack which can be carried by one person comfortably.

Last but not the least, enjoy the journey and relax. Avoid complaining for silly things like food, hospitality or people's behavior.  Accept and enjoy the small unexpected mishaps through out instead of getting bugged by them. Share your true experience with others. 


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