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Bug deBug Conference(Chennai) - Day1

I attended the Bug deBug conference at Chennai on 24th Mar 2012. This is my first conference on software testing and the experience is worth sharing. Overall I had a mixed experience,mostly good and a few not so great moments through out. I attended the general event on Day 1 and the workshop(on performance testing by Rahul Verma) on the following day, but in this post I want to share my experience of  Day 1.

I guess I might be one of  the very few people attended the conference from outside Chennai. I traveled from Bangalore the day before(fortunately it was a holiday for me because of Ugadi), reached  and relaxed so that I could attend the whole day program comfortably. Even though I was staying around 8km away from the location(Tidel Park), I started little early considering the fact that I was new to Chennai and the hostile behavior of the Auto drivers(a friend had warned me before coming, in Chennai the Bus conductors behave like CM and Auto drivers like PM). Anyway I reached th…

Right strategy for waking up early in the morning

Waking up early has many advantages, but still its a debatable topic on whether you are more productive by waking up early or working late night. Let's not get into that debate of whether you should change your habit of working late or not. But there are plenty of supporting data available on the co-relation of productivity with early rising. According to the social scientists the most productive time of the day is five hour before lunch. That is why probably the office hours are also aligned to that time.

So how you can wake up early, let me clarify early is before the sunrise say 5 am. Waking up all the seven days of week at 5 am seems like a tough task. So many times you would have tried to get up to catch an early flight or reaching office early to attend a meeting, do you recollect the experience? It was so tough for a day, then how its possible for everyday? It was difficult, because you tried with a wrong strategy.

Let us first understand the human sleeping pattern and the…

Some useful Tips for new leaders!!!

Expecting promotion or recently promoted?

This is a crucial phase in everyone's career, the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role. The initial days will be awesome, feeling confident that you proved a point, excited with the attention and respect from colleagues. Then follows the treat and happy days. But these things settles down soon and the real challenge starts.

You are going to lead the people with whom you had worked with for a long time. Even though you would have got the authority, exercising them will be a tough task. Most likely,there would be an awkwardness to deal with the people you have been so close to all these days, in a different perspective. As you have been promoted, its most likely that you might already been playing this role, so you must have done the home work and your colleagues would have accepted you as a leader.Even then, to clear all the air, the best solution to this is to set up a one on one with each one of them. Discuss th…

Is SOA testing is same as Web Service testing?

Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) is the approach of designing a distributed and heterogeneous application consists of components (not just services) which interact with each other and can be integrated with interfaces of any platform. As now a days everyone wants their application in multiple platforms(web, mobile, tablet etc), its popularity is growing. The components or services in SOA are loosely coupled and perform specific business functionality. To effectively test an SOA application, we should know its different components. Often SOA testing is confused with web service testing. Web service is one of the ways to implement SOA, its not just synonymous to SOA. 

A simple SOA application will look like this: 

 It consists of:
The provider can be a legacy or packaged application, it describes the service with WSDLThe service directory(also called service registry) contains the service definitions published by the providerThe consumer is the one consumes the service provided by the pr…

Why should you join Toastmasters Club?

I have joined toastmasters club few months back. I had heard about this club long time ago, during my initial Infosys days, but never joined. I was not very sure about its benefits. In my current employment, I got a chance to join and I joined accidentally without thinking much. Now I am really happy that I joined at the same time repenting on why I didn't join before!!!

Slowly when you grow in your career, you realize the need of soft skills in general and communication skill in particular to built on your technical skill. Toastmasters club is not just about communication skills, it can help you on your public speaking skills, leadership skills, negotiation and persuasion skills. Its a kind of community learning club based on the principle of practice makes you perfect .Its a nonprofit organization and a club can be formed by a group of people with the recognition from the toastmasters international. You need to pay a small fee per membership and  renewable every six months.Just…

Failure is not the opposite of success

Everybody wants to be successful and the word comes to our mind when we are asked for opposite of success is failure. But rarely we realize how wrong we are in our perception. Failure is not opposite to success but its very very close to success. Check this below success pyramid:

Take any task you want to perform or you have already performed, you have to go through these stages. Where is failure here? If you get a tough task which you can not imagine to success, you don't attempt only but that is not failure. Then you gathered some courage and attempted the task, tried your best. You keep on trying and don't quit in between then you get success. So the failure is something between QUIT and SUCCESS.You can eliminate the failure completely by not quitting. That is essentially the key to success : DON'T QUIT

Talk to any successful person, or your friends who are doing good in their personal or professional life or whom you think have achieved some remarkable success. They d…

Fake Experience in IT and specifically Testing

Fake experience is an open secret in Indian IT industry. Every body knows about it, so many stringent measures have been taken to prevent, but still there is no end to it. Every one of us have got our share of inconvenience because of this like:
You started working with a low salary and a friend joined a company showing 2-3 yrs of experience with double your salary.A new resource joined your team who doesn't have real experience, the whole team performance is down.You go for a walk-in interview, thousands of people in a queue at the main gate Frustration, wastage of time,energy while taking interview Who is responsible for this?
Of course the first culprit are the candidates, who fudge their professional credentials to either qualify for the interview or to get through it. There are different types of candidates showing fake experiences like the ones who didn't get a job just after their degree, or the ones want to switch from Non-IT to IT or the ones in a low paid(like call c…

Blogging - Link Referral

As a follow up on my post on the easy and free techniques to attract traffic to the blog, I want to introduce one option  Link Referral. Even If we write good contents (thousands of awesome contents are published through blog everyday but how many comes to into surfer's notice ), we need to add some spice to it.

A free and innovative way of getting traffic to your blog is through Link Referral If you are ready to devote at least 30 min per day and its worth for your every minute spent. The site claims it can fetch you 30-60 visitors per day but personally I feel you can expect minimum 10-15 visitors per day initially. But If you keep on building your network it can give you exponential traffic increment with time. Don't forget its only the addition to the content, never compromise on the quality of the content, without good content no trick works.

How to use this, its very simple: First step just register here. Rest of the things are given in the site itself under FAQs and Ma…