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As a follow up on my post on the easy and free techniques to attract traffic to the blog, I want to introduce one option  Link Referral. Even If we write good contents (thousands of awesome contents are published through blog everyday but how many comes to into surfer's notice ), we need to add some spice to it.

A free and innovative way of getting traffic to your blog is through Link Referral If you are ready to devote at least 30 min per day and its worth for your every minute spent. The site claims it can fetch you 30-60 visitors per day but personally I feel you can expect minimum 10-15 visitors per day initially. But If you keep on building your network it can give you exponential traffic increment with time. Don't forget its only the addition to the content, never compromise on the quality of the content, without good content no trick works.

How to use this, its very simple: First step just register here. Rest of the things are given in the site itself under FAQs and Marketing Tips links on the top right corner. Choose an appropriate classification for your site. Do your research on how to improve your ranking among the sites of your category. Generate the banner using your Id and place it in your blog or site in an appropriate position. May be you can write something(a post) about the same in your blog only If the blog content or theme is relevant.

After you register, you can see the options to review and rate other sites registered.Go through the FAQs and all the terms and conditions to make the best use of the options available. Don't just review randomly, its about networking. So review and rate sites related to your content in your blog. Your can visit 30 sites, write 5 reviews  per day with your free account. Make the best use of them everyday(here is the 30 minutes per day). You can also post in the forums, add as favorite etc. By doing all this, you can improve the ranking in your category and attract more traffic. Apart from this you can earn money by referring new people using your unique referral link. You get paid for new people join using your referral Id as well as on their spending in the site by upgrading their membership or buying any other advertising services provided by Link Referral.

Apart from this, build your network among the bloggers whose blogs/sites are very relevant to your area of interest by personally visiting their sites regularly and putting comments. But don't over do this or use any automatic system to visit and review sites. Visit the sites you are genuinely interested and you can learn something, not just to improve your ranking. We will discuss more about blog networking and how it helps in link building and site ranking etc in future posts. 

Update: Please read my latest post on Link Referral


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