Failure is not the opposite of success

Everybody wants to be successful and the word comes to our mind when we are asked for opposite of success is failure. But rarely we realize how wrong we are in our perception. Failure is not opposite to success but its very very close to success. Check this below success pyramid:

Take any task you want to perform or you have already performed, you have to go through these stages. Where is failure here? If you get a tough task which you can not imagine to success, you don't attempt only but that is not failure. Then you gathered some courage and attempted the task, tried your best. You keep on trying and don't quit in between then you get success. So the failure is something between QUIT and SUCCESS.You can eliminate the failure completely by not quitting. That is essentially the key to success : DON'T QUIT

Talk to any successful person, or your friends who are doing good in their personal or professional life or whom you think have achieved some remarkable success. They don't do anything super natural, just they keep on trying, try different ways and hang in there till they get success. But in general who don't succeed are the ones who quit early or quit easily.

The bigger problem is the fear of failure, many people don't attempt anything new for the fear of failure. Because in our society success is over glorified and failure is hated by everyone. Even the close family members or friends or relatives become critical about the success. You find so many success stories of great people in life but their failure story is always shadowed. We ourselves don't disclose our failures fearing people will not like it. Many people know about Narayana Murthy starting the successful company Infosys, but there is no information available about the company(he had started a company named Softronics in 1976 , after its failure he joined Patni Computers) he started before that which didn't take off. So behind every successful person there is some darker side which they have fought back without quitting which is not published in public domain. So people think successful people are only genius and they succeed in what ever they do. Success is 90% persistence and  10% skills, but we overemphasize the skills and forget about the persistence part. This fear of failure prevents us to try for any innovation or taking up any big task.

 Try and fail but never fail to try. Over come the fear of failure, keep on trying till you reach your goal. Nothing is impossible as the the word 'IMPOSSIBLE' itself says I'M POSSIBLE.
  I had delivered a speech on this topic in my Project 2 of Toastmasters Club.                                   



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