Fake Experience in IT and specifically Testing

Fake experience is an open secret in Indian IT industry. Every body knows about it, so many stringent measures have been taken to prevent, but still there is no end to it. Every one of us have got our share of inconvenience because of this like:
  1. You started working with a low salary and a friend joined a company showing 2-3 yrs of experience with double your salary.
  2. A new resource joined your team who doesn't have real experience, the whole team performance is down.
  3. You go for a walk-in interview, thousands of people in a queue at the main gate
  4. Frustration, wastage of time,energy while taking interview
Who is responsible for this?
Of course the first culprit are the candidates, who fudge their professional credentials to either qualify for the interview or to get through it. There are different types of candidates showing fake experiences like the ones who didn't get a job just after their degree, or the ones want to switch from Non-IT to IT or the ones in a low paid(like call center or support or Admin) job in IT and want to switch to the core IT jobs. Even people working in one skill alter their technology and project details to switch to a different technology. Some people also increase their marks to qualify for interview. In most of the cases they get through, hence in spite of the number of preventive controls, there are so many fake employees working.

So are the candidates only responsible for this? What options someone has If he doesn't get a job immediately after the degree or someone wants to change his career path? How many companies allow candidates who have passed out from college more than 2 yrs ago to compete in their freshers' recruitment drive? How many companies allow people from Non-IT background to attend the interview ? Why an engineering or MCA degree is mandatory for entering into IT? In some cases even companies ask for a particular percentage of mark to apply.  We literally don't need any prior expertise to start the career in IT. We are hardly using any skills that we learn during our engineering. The average IQ needed to work in IT is that of a high school pass out. The only other qualification needed is good communication skill, which is not guaranteed by the degree. Anyone having these two(above average IQ and good communication skill) can succeed in their career in IT after joining provided they put continuous effort on their learning. Its happening, people are entering with fake experience, but they are doing good after spending time and putting effort. We know there is severe shortage of skilled resources in IT, then why to put this entry barrier? I have seen people, without even a science degree, are good programmers. In US there are many people from different background have joined IT and doing exceptionally well.

I personally feel this entry barrier has created a big business opportunity for consultancies and training institutes. They train people and deploy them in IT companies on their own pay roll. They give them fake experience certificates to apply for other companies as well. Even there are crooks who can alter the degree certificate and mark sheets. So both good candidates with genuine interest and capability to work in IT as well as others who just want an entry into this lucrative industry get free entry.

Software testing is the most convenient target for fake candidates as its perceived as the most easiest job in the IT sector. The way, testing is done in many companies, is in fact the easiest job that anyone can do. So nothing wrong for people who don't have any technical knowledge to enter through this path. I have been told many times during interview by my seniors to just take anyone: "what we are doing is not rocket science, anyone can run the written scripts and log defects  ". Even in most of the places, the higher management thinks testing is the easiest job and testers are paid less compared to developers. So they also put pressure on interviewers to just take anyone.

Fake candidates entering the companies is no big deal, but they should put effort to learn and deliver their task. I feel that is true for anyone entering a company. So anyone should be allowed to attend interview. By putting the barriers we are restricting even the people who can be good fit for the job irrespective their past experience or marks or degree. If someone doesn't have IT experience, let them compete with freshers and join as freshers. If candidates would have enough opportunities to attempt, compete and prove their skills genuinely they won't take the riskier path of fudging their credentials. Allowing everyone to compete with each other will automatically eliminate the bad fakes from good fakes. Even though there are some opportunities available for these candidates like : freelance or some crowd sourcing platforms or faculty positions in some training institutes and then moving towards their in house IT services unit, nothing can be compared with a job in a IT MNC.

I have written the sequel of this post here.


  1. I agree with your point that by reducing the entry level barriers we can bring down the business of fake resumes. Organizations need to understand that learnability and work ethic count more than paper degrees. But then, the interview process needs to be fool-proof so as to ensure that only the appropriate candidates who meet the requirements are making it into the firm.

  2. In My case suggest me very much interested in Software Testing but they will see my past percentage which is 10th - 49.60% & 12th - 45% & BSC IT(Correspondence) - 61% also, I am married man working in different platform of MIS with 31 Months experience. Any one there with right suggestion, pls let me know through your response for chethan1662@gmail.com. Very much interested in Software Testing but without seeing my past percentage can anyone provide me a job???? all suggestion & replys are welcome.

  3. Dear Chetan,
    Do you have any knowledge on the subject? Have you undergone any training on SW Testing? Refer the blogs and sites mentioned in my site and sharpen your knowledge on testing. There are few opportunities but you need to prove your self that you are competent.

  4. iam MCA 2012 passout very much worried about java developer jobs.currently now (2013 feb 12 iam still doing java course .it almost takes august 2013. But by the end of 2013 if i have not got the job in IT .can i get job interviews in 2014 too as a fresher / with no experience in IT. I will have SCJP certification by the end of 2013..what to do .I only wanted to work as a developer .Mot interested in teaching field.

  5. Deepthi, if you are really good in Java you have multiple options to try.
    This is my personal suggestion:
    Don't wait till you finish your course.
    Keep on trying the freshers jobs or interns(like http://www.letsintern.com/)
    You may not be interested in teaching but can teach in your institute, just to get hands on experience.Try doing some projects on your own or develop a application or website with what you have learned which you can showcase in your future interviews.
    You can also try freelancer sites like work monk or Odesk(see the Odesk link on the top left hand side corner of my blog)
    Getting a job is just the starting point, you never know when and how you will land there. But above thinks, i.e. keep on improving your skills is needed for long term career growth.
    All the best.

  6. hello sir, I am 2012 B.Tech graduate and undergone training on software testing. I was attended the interview in CGI with my training certificate. I was cleared the first round i.e. written test on aptitude. But they kicked out me in group discussion. Is it mandatory to clear gd round. And please give your valuable suggestions to get interview calls and to get through interviews

  7. Now a days communication skill has become the dominant part of work life hence companies emphasis on GD to test your skills. Prepare well on your communication skill, read news paper and update your self with current affairs and other topics. You can join Toastmaster club to improve your public speaking skills. Keep applying and try for small companies, start ups, consultancy farms who deploy their employees to other big companies. Don't stop learning and keep practicing refer this page for more testing resources :http://www.prasannasabat.com/p/testing-resources.html

  8. I am a BE(2012) graduate with 63% of marks. I have 67% in 10th(2003) but only 46%(2006) in 12th.
    Still haven't got a job. Can i get a job as a fresher? one more thing, is clearing the ISTQB(Basic) Certification exam assures a job in testing?

  9. Hi Sir, I am 2011 Bsc Graduate and undergone training on software testing. as am searching for a job on testing, whereever i go they are asking for experience and not taking as a fresher. After completing my graduation i worked in bpo sector for 2 years. could you please suggest me on this. my email id is manjeshv123@gmail.com

  10. Hi i’m sneha,I’m B-Tech student 2012pass out.i have done my testing course.I don’t have any working experience i’m still in search of job..if any openings are there please let me know…and as i’m 2012 passout should i try by putting exp or i can try as a fresher..please help me out…


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