Some useful Tips for new leaders!!!

Expecting promotion or recently promoted?

This is a crucial phase in everyone's career, the transition from an individual contributor to a leadership role. The initial days will be awesome, feeling confident that you proved a point, excited with the attention and respect from colleagues. Then follows the treat and happy days. But these things settles down soon and the real challenge starts.

You are going to lead the people with whom you had worked with for a long time. Even though you would have got the authority, exercising them will be a tough task. Most likely,there would be an awkwardness to deal with the people you have been so close to all these days, in a different perspective. As you have been promoted, its most likely that you might already been playing this role, so you must have done the home work and your colleagues would have accepted you as a leader.Even then, to clear all the air, the best solution to this is to set up a one on one with each one of them. Discuss the whole situation in detail. Most important, listen to them. Allow them to talk then you giving all the free Gyan, you will have enough opportunities in future. Create the most conducive environment  for them so that they can speak their mind. Its very important to understand each others expectations. Turn the same close proximity and friendliness with them to your strength. Never show the authority which you have been rewarded recently so soon.

Now the most important point, make two lists:
1. The things( behavior, treatment, process etc) you didn't like when you were a junior staff member
2. The things( behavior, treatment, process etc) you liked the most when you were a junior staff member

Avoid the items in list 1 and incorporate more and more from list 2 in your daily routine.

Everyone passes through the same situations and circumstances but very easily forgotten when we are in the driver sit. Like everyone else, if you had also decided to do those nasty things when you get a chance, please change the mindset. Once you have the team buy-in any project or task can be accomplished very easily but not with any level of authority.

At last but not the least, as a lead or manager you have certain tasks and responsibilities. You have been doing hands on technical job may be till now. So now also you might be tempted to fold your sleeves when needed. But that should be the last option in your mind. Take every opportunity to allow your team to perform. You should motivate, guide them, give them enough opportunity to perform on their own. You might be the technical expert, but think of your rookie days. Allow them to also commit a few mistake, that is part of the learning curve. But unless you allow them to grow, they will be dependent on your skills only. Plan and mentor your team to acquire your level of expertise sooner than later. Job well done, give all credit to the team and take the responsibility of the mishaps(this must be in your list 2). 
All the best!!!


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