Why should you join Toastmasters Club?

I have joined toastmasters club few months back. I had heard about this club long time ago, during my initial Infosys days, but never joined. I was not very sure about its benefits. In my current employment, I got a chance to join and I joined accidentally without thinking much. Now I am really happy that I joined at the same time repenting on why I didn't join before!!!

Slowly when you grow in your career, you realize the need of soft skills in general and communication skill in particular to built on your technical skill. Toastmasters club is not just about communication skills, it can help you on your public speaking skills, leadership skills, negotiation and persuasion skills. Its a kind of community learning club based on the principle of practice makes you perfect .Its a nonprofit organization and a club can be formed by a group of people with the recognition from the toastmasters international. You need to pay a small fee per membership and  renewable every six months.Just search on this term in net you will get to know about it. It has thousands of clubs world wide. The club members themselves manage the club with guidance from other experienced members of near by club(designated mentors for the club).

The club meeting happens every week on a particular predefined day and time. A general meeting should have particular agenda as per the club guidelines. The members take part as different role players and participate in the club. All the activities are voluntary and you should take part with the spirit of earning. Personally speaking, My communication skill has improved(as per other members of the club) as well as I can see other members have also improved a lot in last few months of their participation.

With the membership, you get the monthly magazine, which has some really good articles and tips from expert fellow toastmasters.

After working for some years, we know we can write and speak in English. But speaking and communicating effectively is different. You must have come across with managers or leads talking to you or asking you to work on something, but some of them tell you in a way you like the most. Its not just a coincident, its a fact that very few people have that capability to talk tactfully which makes a huge difference. Its quite easy to write something or to imagine in mind, but most of that thinking capability goes for a toss talking to a larger audience or even a couple of guys or even to your boss. So first step to acquire this skill is to overcome that nervousness or that problem of mind-going-blank-while-speaking. Once you can speak what you think and think while you speak, you can built on the higher level of communication skills. In first few meeting you can probably overcome that, but you need to attend and participate sincerely.

I will share more experience later.


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