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How good is to stick to an employer for long time(years)?

The answer to the question varies from person to person depending on their quality (kind of work profile) and quantity (years) of experience and sometimes the work culture of the country they are working on. This is perfectly fine, there is no standard answer for this. I have seen successful people from both side of the world(the ones who have worked long for a company and the ones who have hopped their job more often). So personally I feel neither anything is wrong about switching your company nor its anything great about  sticking to the same company for longer time. The reason(for either staying long or short) is more important then the outcome, here the reason I mean is the real reason for you not the reason you are giving in the interview.

In general, specifically in India, people join their first job in a variety of situations. For the same qualification people are offered a wide range of salary packages and job roles. Hence first few years people hop jobs for good salary or co…

How competitive bidding is killing your own business?

Bidding is an optimum way for price discovery and used in various occasions to award project or sell some good or service. In the bidding process the winner is always the lowest bidder(in case of selling it should be highest bidder) unless any exceptions. But the context of this post would be mostly around freelance project bidding or any other small out sourcing project bidding.

In my personal experience mostly I have seen contractors bid the lowest possible cost for a project or task. Lowest bid is a good idea to win the project but you should not forget about the effort estimation to determine whether the project is worth the price you are bidding for. By placing a lowest bid you are not only spoiling the chance of your competitors but also disrupting the whole market for the skill set. You might win the project, but in long term you are restricting your own revenue growth.

A typical over killing of lowest bidding is happening in freelance sites. Cost arbitrage is an important fac…