How good is to stick to an employer for long time(years)?

The answer to the question varies from person to person depending on their quality (kind of work profile) and quantity (years) of experience and sometimes the work culture of the country they are working on. This is perfectly fine, there is no standard answer for this. I have seen successful people from both side of the world(the ones who have worked long for a company and the ones who have hopped their job more often). So personally I feel neither anything is wrong about switching your company nor its anything great about  sticking to the same company for longer time. The reason(for either staying long or short) is more important then the outcome, here the reason I mean is the real reason for you not the reason you are giving in the interview.

In general, specifically in India, people join their first job in a variety of situations. For the same qualification people are offered a wide range of salary packages and job roles. Hence first few years people hop jobs for good salary or company brand  or the work profile. All the three reasons are good enough for a job change, but the change should be well thought out. Too many changes with an experience of a year or two at each employer might go really wrong at a later point of time. You should have a rational salary hike expectation for job change and work profile. The initial years should be more focused on learning than earning which can be automatically taken care of later on. But you should not quit a company for a bad boss or not so good peer or work pressure or frequent changes in work profile or technology. Eventually you will realize every company has the same problems, you need to learn to sail through the tough time and people. Love your job more than the company or colleagues, build on your skills which is going to be very handy in future.

If you have few years of experience, you can analyze and find yourself: The learning curve is very stiff during the tough times in your career when you learn to adopt to changes in technology and people. Its not worth quitting the company for some people or policy which you don't like.  Dealing with tough people and work with them, making small adjustments and finding ways to deal with policies(not favorable to you) is also part of the learning curve that everyone goes through. Try to see the larger picture and put yourself in the shoes of your boss or MD and analyze the policies to understand their point of view. Every company has their own policies, and you can not expect all ideal situation for you. The fact about the policies are that, it cannot please everyone neither all policies will be favorable to you. Many people realize the worse side of their dream companies after joining like: other side of grass is always green.

Having said that I am not in favor of sticking to your employer for very long time unless you have a very compelling reason for that. Long time means five year or more. I have come across with people working in a company for five years developing a comfort zone. They are unable to compete in the market and stay in the same company without any option. Some people after working for some years, achieving a level in their role, earning some of the needs(a house, a car etc) look for a comfortable job and settle. Some people spend a long time in a company, get familiar with its loopholes, create their own group in the company and stick to it exploiting by all possible means. Mostly in developed countries(read US) I have seen people sticking to same company for years. That is mostly because there is heavy shortage of opportunities there, so I feel those who want a steady life style and don't want to take unwanted risk, stick to the same company. So there is no big deal with that. At the same time I see more people(compared to India) in US work as consultant so that they can get to do the job they want and for the time they want.

So there can not be an ideal time period for which you should work for a company rather till the time you find enough challenges to keep you motivated(If challenges is what keep you motivated and you have not decided to settle in a comfort zone). Explore all the options in your current employment when you have some concerns, talk to the right people instead of bashing the boss or company policy among colleagues. Most of the companies have proper mechanisms to address employee concerns, make use of that. Otherwise make the move, If nothing is working out. A versatile role definitely adds value to your overall work profile.I did some research on internet on people's opinion on sticking on to the the same employer, I got a mixed response. There are both pros and cons of working for the same company for long. The reason behind the job is mostly a factor of many parameters, so don't take the decision with a narrow mind set. Have a long term goal of what you are trying to achieve, and make your moves accordingly irrespective of any other short term reasons.


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