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What is stopping you from taking that important decision

Many times you think to do something like changing the job, starting a new project or learn an instrument or relocate to new place or buy a costly item,but some how you don't act on it.
The wish remains as a wish only.


There can be many reasons(in reality) or you have found an excuse to not pursue the same. The same reasons or excuses are the difference between successful people and wanna be successful people. If you analyze the reasons stopping people to take that important decision, one thing is common among all of them. If you further drill down all the reasons and excuses most of the time all of them converge in to one single factor.

Let's take on some of the obstacles or reasons or excuses for which almost half of the people fail to go beyond the attempt stage. Those are like :"I don't have that skill set", "The project is tough","What If it doesn't work out?", "What my neighbor/friend/relative/parents will think", &qu…

Are you ALSO losing money in stock market?

Many of my friends invest in stock market directly or indirectly(through mutual fund or ULIP), but very very few will acknowledge they have made profit out of it even some people say they haven't heard anyone making money from stock market.

So why people don't make money from stock market whereas its considered to be the best asset class to invest for long term. If you are one of those who have heavily burnt their finger and concluded stock market is not the place to make money, check If you have made any of these mistakes:
You follow Sensex or Nifty index in TV or Newspaper or websites(like money control)and say market is up or down accordingly.You buy when market is in bull run, all positive and optimistic and sell when its the opposite You buy or sell stocks on free advice by experts in TV(in channels like CNBC) or newspaper or your broker You have entered the market with the intention of making quick and easy money  You only read stock tips and price targets in research re…

Evaluating the SOA testing tools

SOA testing is one of the most under- explored subjects in software testing and often it’s being confused with web service testing. Web services are one of the ways to achieve service oriented architecture but it’s not synonymous to SOA. Hence if you have a SOA application, don’t just restrict your testing to the web services, the scope should include all the components of the application: the service provider, the service directory, service consumer   as well as the communication layer between these components.
SOA provides the conceptual model for development, deployment and management of distributed and dynamic system. It’s one step ahead of n-tier architecture model in terms of flexibility and interoperability, hence it has become so popular in last few years. But its full potential can be realized through discipline and standardization of right policy framework, design rules and documentation of different components so that they should act together to achieve the common business…

Guest blog post - Is it right strategy for getting traffic to your blog?

One of the popular methods used by bloggers to get back links and getting traffic from other blogs is writing a guest post. Many bloggers allow guest post in their blog, even some people have made this a business model: online portal for blogs or sites looking for guest post and bloggers ready to write guest posts. So how good is this strategy?

From my personal experience and research on the web, its not that good idea as it seems to be. Just imagine, If you are a regular visitor of a blog and you saw one guest post from a unknown author. Will you directly go to his blog or link and follow him. It may happen only If the post is really good and you are totally impressed. So a guest post is not the real reason to attract readers from other blog, its the quality of the post.

So ultimately it all boils down to the quality content you are creating. So do you think its an good idea to write an awesome post for another blog and not yours. Think on this again, the readers of the popular blog…

Whom are you working for?

This question is in the context of an employee working in an organization. You may be working for a company or an employer and getting the salary, but whom are you really working for? From my personal experience, some people work for the company or the brand or the product, some other work for their boss and some other work for themselves.

So which is the best way from the career perspective in a long term(emphasize on long term spanning across your career). Working for the company brand or a product is good enough for sometime, but it may not be good enough for a longer term. From the companies point of view, you are just an employee or a resource. The company is doing its business, its sole purpose of employing you is to get the best out of you and make profit or add value for the share holders.If you don't make sufficient value for the company or there are better alternatives available your job might be at stake. So never love your company, love your job.

There are another bun…