Guest blog post - Is it right strategy for getting traffic to your blog?

One of the popular methods used by bloggers to get back links and getting traffic from other blogs is writing a guest post. Many bloggers allow guest post in their blog, even some people have made this a business model: online portal for blogs or sites looking for guest post and bloggers ready to write guest posts. So how good is this strategy?

From my personal experience and research on the web, its not that good idea as it seems to be. Just imagine, If you are a regular visitor of a blog and you saw one guest post from a unknown author. Will you directly go to his blog or link and follow him. It may happen only If the post is really good and you are totally impressed. So a guest post is not the real reason to attract readers from other blog, its the quality of the post.

So ultimately it all boils down to the quality content you are creating. So do you think its an good idea to write an awesome post for another blog and not yours. Think on this again, the readers of the popular blog you want to write are any way follow it because of its good content. You are just adding the icing on the cake. But your real motive is to get traffic from the blog to your blog, but If your blog doesn't have that good content why those readers will stick to your blog? They will follow the same popular blog and wait for your next awesome content there. So in my opinion its much more productive to concentrate on the quality of posts in your blog than writing guest posts in some other blog. So other bloggers will find it useful and write about your content or give reference on their own. That is more powerful then your link in your guest blog post. The readers will definitely follow the link and may become your follower as well.

The popular belief is, back links and reference from popular sites to your site will help in higher Google page rank. Its correct, because that is the way(but there are many other parameters as well) search engine crawlers can find out the popularity of your site. But the intention is to find out the voluntary reference to genuinely useful content from other sites not these arranged back links. The page ranking algorithm are updated regularly with the market trend and too sophisticated to make out the genuine back links and the arranged back links.  But there is nothing wrong or illegal in this as long as you are not trading the back links with others.

So always write for the human beings first not for the search engines. If the content is compelling enough for the real readers they will follow  and search engine crawlers will automatically  follow them. It takes time to get followers if you persist with your endeavor of creating useful content for the real human readers. All the SEO techniques or keywords used by search engine crawlers is to find out the sites loved by human beings, so don't make the mistake of appeasing the search engines. Your real target are the real readers, by any method other than awesome content you can attract few novice readers but not the professional bloggers. If they are impressed, then only you will get some real reference or back links from their sites.


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