What is stopping you from taking that important decision

Many times you think to do something like changing the job, starting a new project or learn an instrument or relocate to new place or buy a costly item,but some how you don't act on it.
The wish remains as a wish only.


There can be many reasons(in reality) or you have found an excuse to not pursue the same. The same reasons or excuses are the difference between successful people and wanna be successful people. If you analyze the reasons stopping people to take that important decision, one thing is common among all of them. If you further drill down all the reasons and excuses most of the time all of them converge in to one single factor.

Let's take on some of the obstacles or reasons or excuses for which almost half of the people fail to go beyond the attempt stage. Those are like :"I don't have that skill set", "The project is tough","What If it doesn't work out?", "What my neighbor/friend/relative/parents will think", "I don't have time","It's risky","Its boring","Is it worth?","I need money to pay my bills" etc etc. You think too much on the task and its hypothetical consequences, which is preventing to make the attempt only. So less you think about it , you will be one step closer to it.

During the execution, there will be obstacles. There is every likelihood of encountering all the above situations and you can also overcome them. None of the problems are without a solution or work around. You are not the only person facing them, talk to any guy who is successful, he can tell you how many such situations he has come across. The only way is to focus on the goal and everything will fall in place. You need to keep your cool during that difficult time and think to resolve the issue but not about abandon the project at any cost.

Take an analogy, say you want to travel from Bangalore to Mumbai driving a car. You may get a map or GPRS with some other necessary stuff and just start or you think and plan about every turn, crossing and land mark on the way? Do you plan what to do "If your fuel gets over" or "you get hungry" or "get confused in a six way crossing" or "how to over take a big vehicle" or  "how to cross the speed breakers" or "you met an accident". Its a journey, start with your destination in mind, solve the obstacles on the way as and when they come and you will eventually reach there. There is no point of planning every bit of the road and situations you can think of, obstacles and surprises are bound to happen.

Another interesting fact I am telling you from my experience. I took up a project, I had done the necessary due diligence and found some risk. I planned the mitigation strategy and started it. I completed it successfully. Then I found couple of my friends, who were interested for the same, but they had found more risks than what I had identified. So didn't dare to take up.In fact If I would have also thought to that detail level, probably I would have also done the same. But the reality is its not necessary that you will face all the risks, that you expect, which stops you from even attempting the problem. The same thing even I have found in people who are running a start up or taken up a new project.They may not be aware of so many negative aspect of the project, that outsiders think about it. Those are the people sitting at the fence, and realize later "Opps I had also the idea","I could have done that". So don't sit at the sideline, Still I am not telling to jump on to something without thinking but too much of anything is bad so as thinking. It takes some time(failed attempts) to identify the thin line between thinking and too much thinking.

The same way you must have seen people in a desperate situation(lost job or debt ridden), succeed. Because they don't have any other choice but to stick to the plan and execute it. They can not abandon the project at any cost,because there is no alternative. Do you know why Israelis are one of the most innovative people in the world, read the book Start up Nation (in Amazon)

So its all in the mind, If you can say to your self yes it can be done, "I can do it" and simply work on it things will be much simpler. So all the obstacles and reasons stopping you to pursue your goals are internal, once you decide in your mind the external problems can be resolved. The difficult part is to condition your mind to face the situations. Mental strength plays much bigger role in taking the decision than the suitability of external factors. Because the external factors are all same for everyone, its not only you who is facing the problems, then why only handful of people are successful. Because they have realized, the limitation is only in their mind not the external forces. Have you realized now?


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