Whom are you working for?

This question is in the context of an employee working in an organization. You may be working for a company or an employer and getting the salary, but whom are you really working for? From my personal experience, some people work for the company or the brand or the product, some other work for their boss and some other work for themselves.

So which is the best way from the career perspective in a long term(emphasize on long term spanning across your career). Working for the company brand or a product is good enough for sometime, but it may not be good enough for a longer term. From the companies point of view, you are just an employee or a resource. The company is doing its business, its sole purpose of employing you is to get the best out of you and make profit or add value for the share holders.If you don't make sufficient value for the company or there are better alternatives available your job might be at stake. So never love your company, love your job.

There are another bunch of employees, they work for their boss or manager. They do what ever their manager says, without questioning their credibility. In return they get good hike or promotion. This also make sense but for some time not  in long term. Working for your boss, you can not go beyond him/her. Such people develop a sense of arrogance towards their peer and juniors, as they know nothing is going to happen to them. They even follow their boss, If he joins another company his followers follow his footsteps. I have seen many people survive quite a few years in their career under the boss. But when things doesn't go fairly for the boss, they also face the music. They are so habituated with dealing with one boss, they could hardly survive under another.

There are very few people who work for themselves. But in my opinion this is the best way to work as an employee. Work to learn and develop variety of skills, career growth will take of itself. You can work for the company or your boss, but never forget to add value to your own career and skills. Ultimately your skills are going to help you through the tough times. If you are competent you don't have to be the slave of the company or your boss. You can exercise your mind and heart at your will. You would hardly have any stress related to the job.

You can consider yourself as the owner of your own company and you are giving service to your employer. You are only the true boss of your work. This will help you to develop the entrepreneurship spirit even as an employee. So you have to be competitive in the market by adding the skills time to time. You need to evaluate your earnings(salary and other incentive) with respect to your investment(effort, time). You neither need your manager or employers push for personal development nor a bad appraisal or office politics can demotivate your working spirit . You will always find your ways to optimize your effort and maximize the earnings. Even If in the case of financial slowdown or bad performance of the employer you have plenty of choices.

Thinking this way will broaden your mindset towards your work. As an engineer we ignore(or underestimate) finance, HR, marketing like other discipline and other way round also. Running your own company will enable or enforce you to look into all of them.


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