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Link Referral Update

I had suggested for link referral in my last post few months back. I was using this for last few months and even promoting the same in my blog. But after using this for so long, I have realized its not really a tool to attract quality traffic, as it claims to be. If you follow its instructions, as I have mentioned in my last post, you can have some(10-15 per day) visitors to your site. But they are not the quality traffic. The system is like a chain reaction:"you visit my site and I will visit your site".

The instruction is to visit and review sites listed there, So If you visit others site out of curiosity(or obligation?) the site owner may also visit your site. Every one can visit or review only limited number of unique sites everyday. Hence there are good chance that people may visit or review your site as well which is listed. But they are not the quality traffic, they didn't really come being attracted by the  quality of your site. So they are not going to visit ag…

SEO for your blog - Key Word Research

In my post I had mentioned about few simple techniques,you should know or learn to upgrade yourself to a pro-blogger. One of the very important and must have feature is SEO for the blog. Your blog should be optimized for Search Engines to get traffic. From my personal experience, Google is the market leader of search engine.If you focus on optimizing for Google, you need not worry about any other search engines. From my analysis of traffic to my blog, I have never got a single user from any other search engines except Google. In simple words, the aim of SEO is to get your blog in the first page of the search(not in the paid result area, top and right side with pinkish or bluish background) result. Hosting your blog in the platforms like word press or blogger, takes care of the basic SEO.But having your blog in your own domain has its own advantages and you need to take care of the SEO as well.

First understand how does it work. Google bot or robot or spider crawls through billions of…

My first (mini) marathon experience - TCS World 10k 2012

The experience of  riding a cycle first time, driving a bike or car first time, getting first salary, going abroad first time are all different but awesome. Similarly the experience of running and completing your first marathon(its mini marathon, full marathon is around 42km), exciting and worth sharing. For everyone who is thinking its a tough thing to do, actually its not so for a 10k(10 kilometer) run. I ran the TCS Bangalore 10k last week and it was my first attempt in a running event.

I go to gym and run for some time on tread mill but not more than 2 km and hardly have any practice running on road. But I registered and thought of giving it a try. I would attribute most of my inspiration for running to Swarup's Blog. Running,like any sport, is more mental than physical, I would say its the test of your will power more than anything else. I bought one good shoes and read little more about this from other popular sites on internet like runners world. I chatted with a friend w…