My first (mini) marathon experience - TCS World 10k 2012

The experience of  riding a cycle first time, driving a bike or car first time, getting first salary, going abroad first time are all different but awesome. Similarly the experience of running and completing your first marathon(its mini marathon, full marathon is around 42km), exciting and worth sharing. For everyone who is thinking its a tough thing to do, actually its not so for a 10k(10 kilometer) run. I ran the TCS Bangalore 10k last week and it was my first attempt in a running event.

I go to gym and run for some time on tread mill but not more than 2 km and hardly have any practice running on road. But I registered and thought of giving it a try. I would attribute most of my inspiration for running to Swarup's Blog. Running,like any sport, is more mental than physical, I would say its the test of your will power more than anything else. I bought one good shoes and read little more about this from other popular sites on internet like runners world. I chatted with a friend who had run 10k before and he also emphasized on the same thing, prepare your self mentally to complete it. With all these input and little or no practice I jumped to the battle field with the target of finishing it before the finishing carpet is removed(2 Hr).

I reached the ground early morning, saw the crowd and the arrangements nothing less than a fun fare. Entered the stadium, saw people from all ages and walks of life and realized Why I didn't try this before. The elite runners category had started early and they were about to finish, it was amazing to see people(mostly the winners were from Kenya or Ethiopia) finishing 10K in 28 Min live(not on TV). With that inspiring event, the open 10k started.

The initial few hundred meters,till outside the ground it was so crowded, it was impossible to run. Somehow moved forward. There were so many people on the way taking photos and encouraging through out. Also there were cheerleaders or DJs arranged by the sponsors. After a kilometer or two I started gasping and that was the time I had a strong urge to stop. But I carried on. I took inspiration from elder people running with me, told to myself If they can do why not me? I can say till 4 or 5 km it was tough, then it seems to be little easy. May be I got used to the pain or endorphin effect?? Then when we took the U turn to turn back, it was a kind of mental relief that half way is over. Then seeing people still going when you have taken a turn gives you little more push, hence forth it was a smooth sailing. Then I reached 6k, 7k ,8k and I saw the most inspiring quote among many through out the way: "Don't think about the pain. pain is temporary, pride is for ever."

I had not seen the route map properly, I had expected the finish line would be inside the stadium. So saved some energy to sprint the last few meters. I saw the stadium gate and started running with full speed with all my last drop of energy and entered the gate. To my surprise it was the end point and marathon was over. I was slightly disappointed, but realized for the good: "Destination is just a point, enjoy the journey". It was an experience of life time, finished in 1Hr 26min.

The arrangements after the marathon were not so professional as I had expected,awful chaos in distribution of  completion medal and refreshment. As I had read somewhere, I didn't sit or took rest at all after the run, just kept walking towards the refreshment counter. Collecting them were tougher than completing the marathon. Then finding the baggage counter was equally difficult, hardly any volunteers or security guards were able to point the exact location. I was new to the stadium, took two rounds to finally make it there.

With this experience I would urge everyone to try the mini marathon at least once, running 10 km is not that tough with such an ambiance and crowd. Once you complete, rest is history: You may just continue running ever after!!


  1. Hey Prasanna nice write up. Am sure ill get to read more about ur attempts on other categories too . Hapy running and living . :)


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