Link Referral Update

I had suggested for link referral in my last post few months back. I was using this for last few months and even promoting the same in my blog. But after using this for so long, I have realized its not really a tool to attract quality traffic, as it claims to be. If you follow its instructions, as I have mentioned in my last post, you can have some(10-15 per day) visitors to your site. But they are not the quality traffic. The system is like a chain reaction:"you visit my site and I will visit your site".

The instruction is to visit and review sites listed there, So If you visit others site out of curiosity(or obligation?) the site owner may also visit your site. Every one can visit or review only limited number of unique sites everyday. Hence there are good chance that people may visit or review your site as well which is listed. But they are not the quality traffic, they didn't really come being attracted by the  quality of your site. So they are not going to visit again and again unless they are really overwhelmed by the content. Moreover, I doubt people really visit the listed sites(yours is one of them). Mostly they might be just clicking to open your site or write a generic review to complete their daily quota. I had spent around 15-30 min daily to exhaust all the allowed clicks and reviews and as a result my blog had gone to the top spot in the category and subcategory for that day. I had received some visitors, but not really quality ones.

But there is silver lining to this, If you have really good content, then some of the users may be your regular visitors(provided they really visited your site). You can get a chance to network with some bloggers of similar interest. So everything boils down to good content, there is not substitute for that.

Hence I am not endorsing Link Referral for a source of quality traffic, rather a networking place for bloggers. If you are upset about my endorsement earlier and now tracking back, accept my apologies. The tips and tricks are my own experiments and I keep them updated as per my experience, hence will update the same as well. So follow them with an open mind, and feel free to raise your voice If you feel otherwise which can be beneficial for all of us.


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