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In my post I had mentioned about few simple techniques,you should know or learn to upgrade yourself to a pro-blogger. One of the very important and must have feature is SEO for the blog. Your blog should be optimized for Search Engines to get traffic. From my personal experience, Google is the market leader of search engine.If you focus on optimizing for Google, you need not worry about any other search engines. From my analysis of traffic to my blog, I have never got a single user from any other search engines except Google. In simple words, the aim of SEO is to get your blog in the first page of the search(not in the paid result area, top and right side with pinkish or bluish background) result. Hosting your blog in the platforms like word press or blogger, takes care of the basic SEO.But having your blog in your own domain has its own advantages and you need to take care of the SEO as well.

First understand how does it work. Google bot or robot or spider crawls through billions of web pages in internet, creates an index of the webpages based on a large number of criteria and weighting system, encodes and stores data to deliver on user search. The interesting part of SEO is, no body knows what are those exact criteria and their weight-ages on which the pages are ranked.Moreover Google also updates those algorithms periodically to serve the customers better and be competitive in the market. What ever knowledge is available with the SEO experts and websites are the experiment and experience of people. Nobody can guarantee to get the website to the first page of search results in a particular time span. With the ever changing intelligence of Google bot and your competitors endeavors for higher page rank, SEO should be an ongoing activity through out the life of your blog.

There are various techniques used by experts for SEO, we will discuss the most basic one in this post: On Page Optimization. So you have a blog and you want it to come to the first page of Google search result, so you must be knowing what your website does for the people who will look for it in the internet. So how you look for some information in the web page, you search with a word or phrase. Similarly find what would your target customers search If they want information related to your blog or the information related to the area or requirement your blog is catering to. So zero down to one key word or phrase for which you would like to optimize your page. If your blog is catering to multiple requirements, similarly find keywords for each page you should target to optimize.

Find the target Key Word for your site

One more important task is to find the right key word to optimize for your site. The key word should have low competition(less people are trying their sites to optimize for that) and high traffic(more people are searching) for those words. But If the keyword is attracting high traffic, then mostly competition will be more and vice-versa. So you need to balance between these two parameters. In my opinion, target for key words with more traffic even If it has more competition. You can use the free Google keyword tool to research for key word.

Key Word Research
Key Word Research

So find the key word for your web site and each page, we will talk about optimizing the title,description and other HTML tags of the page for the key words.

Don't forget: Write for human beings first, machines will be taken care of themselves automatically


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