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Are your goals written?

We all have small or big plans for future, it may be as simple as finish today's work and go home or may be to buy a house or car or reaching a particular position in our professional career. Everybody has some or other goals in their mind, there is nothing unusual about it. Even a street vegetable vendor or rickshaw puller or even a beggar has a goal. However the sincerity to achieve the goal varies from person to person and hence the probability of achieving it.

One interesting fact about goals,  I have come across is, only 3% people write their goals. Only three percent people have their goals written and most of them who have their goals written actually achieve it. Very few of the rest who doesn't care about writing their goal actually meet their goals. I heard this long time back but never took it seriously.I thought it was so stupid like you might be thinking now If you have never tried writing your goal before. I could have never realized how just writing them can mak…

How you can be a fast learner!!!

As per me learning is the most important ingredient of personal growth. Learning is not just acquiring some technical or soft skills, but in my opinion, its the way to be a better or smarter person tomorrow than what you are today. There are so many stuffs to learn and know, the faster the better. So I always wanted to learn, how to learn things fast, how to acquire the subtle nuances of life quicker. I did little bit of research and tried to learn : How to learn fast? I want to share my findings(learning).

When I think of fast learning, the first thing that comes to mind is some of my friends who learn fast,  mostly technical skills. The next and most prominent fast learners, that you will also agree with me, are children or young kids. The slow learners are mostly adults or old people. These were my subjects of observations.

My fast learner friends, the most common thing among them is passion. Whether they are learning a programming language or playing tennis or swimming, the inter…

Myths about communication skill

The top three myths about communication skills which most of us have:

1. Speaking grammatically correct English in a neutral accent is good communication skill. This is the most common misconception among people which prevents them to take action to improve their skills. If you also believe this, just take a piece of paper and read it before a handful of audience. Then ask another person to read the same and try for some more people. Does the message received by the audience is same for each of the readers? Each word can be spoken in multiple ways by different people and that changes the effect on the audience.
Communication involves effectively connecting with the audience or your partner you are talking to. Not just the words you speak, the way you speak, the way you take the pauses in between, voice modulation, body language, facial expression, eye contact, your personality comprises in the communication. Your body language or gestures can convey hundred words to your audience. Sk…