How you can be a fast learner!!!

As per me learning is the most important ingredient of personal growth. Learning is not just acquiring some technical or soft skills, but in my opinion, its the way to be a better or smarter person tomorrow than what you are today. There are so many stuffs to learn and know, the faster the better. So I always wanted to learn, how to learn things fast, how to acquire the subtle nuances of life quicker. I did little bit of research and tried to learn : How to learn fast? I want to share my findings(learning).

When I think of fast learning, the first thing that comes to mind is some of my friends who learn fast,  mostly technical skills. The next and most prominent fast learners, that you will also agree with me, are children or young kids. The slow learners are mostly adults or old people. These were my subjects of observations.

My fast learner friends, the most common thing among them is passion. Whether they are learning a programming language or playing tennis or swimming, the interest is intense in the respective subject. The other intention might be there but the passion has over shadowed them. The next thing is trying the same thing relentlessly, without getting tired or bored, may be this can be the result of the first point "passion". You will never get bored for pursuing your passion , rather find it interesting and adventurous to do the same thing. The next is discipline, devoting time regularly and sincerely. No inhibitions or assumptions or ambiguity in mind. They don't think much about it, normally what their  slow learner counterparts think: what next ? is it really worth? Will it work? Can I do? Who has done it before? What will I get? These things are the hurdles for your learning. Trying and experimenting with their idea, without bothering much about its outcome, is another trait

What about the kids? Once they get interested in something, remember your childhood days whether it is cartoon network or comic books or video game, they hooked up to it. They try every possible way to fulfill their wishes. Kids follow advice from their parents or teacher without any reservations in their mind(sometimes they don't follow, if the activity is not interesting to them. But they never partially follow advises or follow with doubt or ambiguity in mind). The kids yet to realize the meaning of shame, fear, self respect(read ego), boredom, cheating, showing off etc. Which allows them to focus more on the learning part than anything else. Kids don't get bored in anything they are doing, you can see them busy in some very basic stuff which any adult person can get bored very easily in sometimes. Kids never hesitate or afraid of trying things newly or in variety of ways,experimenting.

Now I don't have to explain how difficult is for a adult person to learn a new skill. You must have marked, how your parents struggle to operate a  mobile phone or a laptop or any electronics gadget. As we grow up, slowly, we forget these qualities of a kid. Getting hooked up to an activity without getting bored, trying sincerely(not seriously have you seen tension in a kids' face when he is struggling to ride his first bicycle?), lots of inhibitions/reservations/assumptions in mind, fear of failure or fear of rejection. We start thinking about others and its outcome while attempting the new skill than about ourselves or the task.

From above points the qualities of a fast learner(or lack of it in a slow learner) is common. There is a definite pattern.There might be some physiological specialty with the fast learners, but I didn't get any concrete evidence of it. Even If its there we cannot help it anyway, than why to be worried for that. But definitely we can work on our behavioral shortcomings to be a fast learner.In simple terms our attention and focus is served to multiple things, overcoming so many hurdles, that the actual task(learning the skill) gets sidelined. Hence we spend more time to learn.
Hope you got the point and can work on it. Let me know your view through comments.


  1. All manufacturing defects. As a kid we have that enthusiasm, when we get older we forget about learning and give importance to build a foundation on what we have already have gathered. We do not find it necessary to learn anything more after we have reached that "saturation point". Knowledge is power. And we settle for that little power that made us live a "decent" life. Human nature.


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