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I love Khan Academy

The next in line of my "I love..." series is Khan Academy. In simple words I can say they are going to revolutionize the modern education system. This a not-for-profit social enterprise,founded by MIT and Harvard educatedSal(Salman) Khan. They provide free video tutorials in the site on subjects starting from Algebra to Physics to Finance and Banking system and also for different competitive examinations like IIT,GMAT,SAT etc.

What I liked about the website or rather the videos is, it really teaches you the fundamental of any subject. How complex the subject it may be but you can learn it through a short video of just 10-12 minutes. The style of teaching is not like any bookish knowledge or full of definitions or technical jargon. Anyone with no basic knowledge of a particular subject can also understand the concept and that is what I call teaching. The actual learning is when you don't have to remember but understand the concept which lasts long in your mind as well as…

Today I ran for 60 min(8 km) non stop

Disclaimer: I ran on treadmill at 8kmph

It was just 4 months back, I was gasping for breath within 5 minutes of started running. I was envying people running for 20-30 minutes. I had thought stamina for running is an inborn quality and is going to take long time to develop. I just hated running, hence avoided that. In gym I will do other Cardio exercises but not running. I used to say myself even cross trainer or stepper were as good as running on treadmill, so why to strain yourself by running. These are all excuses for overcoming that fear and pain of running. I tried many times  running for longer durations but used to give up for severe pain in lower legs or knees or thigh muscles. Another excuse came to mind was : I'm overweight hence my legs are unable to withstand the pressure of running.

Then one fine day in April I decided to start running and develop stamina at any cost. I targeted for TCS World 10K and registered for the same. So started running in a park near by my h…

Is the market down today?

How many of you have come across these questions or have asked the same?

How is market today?

Is market down(or up) today?

This is the most common question I have been asked by my friends and acquaintances. Actually they refer mostly SENSEX(sometimes NIFTY) and consider market is up or down depending on the index is up or down. Please don't embarrass your self by asking like this. If you really want to ask, the right question might be "Is SENSEX or NIFTY down today?"

In no way SENSEX or NIFTY represent the whole stock market and its not going to affect in anyway unless (read till end to understand).

SENSEX consists of 30 shares in BSE and NIFTY consists of 50 shares in NSE. Actually there are  thousands of shares listed in the respective stock exchanges. The index is created with certain weight for each share with the intent of representing the market. Their price movement every second during the trading hours determines the index price. But actually it represents a ver…