I love Khan Academy

The next in line of my "I love..." series is Khan Academy. In simple words I can say they are going to revolutionize the modern education system. This a not-for-profit social enterprise,founded by MIT and Harvard educated Sal(Salman) Khan. They provide free video tutorials in the site on subjects starting from Algebra to Physics to Finance and Banking system and also for different competitive examinations like IIT,GMAT,SAT etc.

What I liked about the website or rather the videos is, it really teaches you the fundamental of any subject. How complex the subject it may be but you can learn it through a short video of just 10-12 minutes. The style of teaching is not like any bookish knowledge or full of definitions or technical jargon. Anyone with no basic knowledge of a particular subject can also understand the concept and that is what I call teaching. The actual learning is when you don't have to remember but understand the concept which lasts long in your mind as well as you can apply when required.

Let me take one example, I saw this video long time back may be a year or two. This is one of the very first videos I watched there and it has a permanent impression in my mind. I remember this video not because it is awesome, but it actually cleared all my doubt in mind related to the subject(equity and fund raising, watch the video please to understand the context)and I have used that concept many times in my real life. I don't have to remember or understand any technical terms. I didn't require any prior knowledge on the subject. Yes it was the first video of that topic, so obviously you should not expect this kind of clarity If you watch just any video from the list. So in simply terms you can not ask more from a online video.

Khan academy is one of the favorite hangout place(online) for a knowledge hungry person like me. I have come across another excellent site Udacity, but the topics are not as vast as Khan Academy.


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