Today I ran for 60 min(8 km) non stop

Disclaimer: I ran on treadmill at 8kmph

It was just 4 months back, I was gasping for breath within 5 minutes of started running. I was envying people running for 20-30 minutes. I had thought stamina for running is an inborn quality and is going to take long time to develop. I just hated running, hence avoided that. In gym I will do other Cardio exercises but not running. I used to say myself even cross trainer or stepper were as good as running on treadmill, so why to strain yourself by running. These are all excuses for overcoming that fear and pain of running. I tried many times  running for longer durations but used to give up for severe pain in lower legs or knees or thigh muscles. Another excuse came to mind was : I'm overweight hence my legs are unable to withstand the pressure of running.

Then one fine day in April I decided to start running and develop stamina at any cost. I targeted for TCS World 10K and registered for the same. So started running in a park near by my house for few days. It was not actually running practice, walking and running. But I tried very hard to run for more time, it was tough. I had not measured how much I used to run but around 45 min to 1 hour. Then I participated TCS World 10K. That event just changed my mindset for running and I set a tougher goal.

But,due to my work timings, running outside early morning became just impossible. Working out in gym was kind of easier for me. Even though there is a huge difference between running on road and tread mill, I thought of something is better than nothing. For a starter like me both were equally difficult.

I just want to share my experiences:

1. To start with running is a mind game, the sooner you realize this the faster you can work on your stamina. Running for long time is painful, yes it hurts. You check with any long distance runner, it hurts during the time they run. But If you surrender yourself to that pain, you can never run longer.

2. Initial few minutes are tough but trust me once you overcome that the feeling is really awesome. Just consider this way If you stop then you need to start from the beginning. So just carry on.

3. Learn spending time with yourself and listen to your body. But you need to push your body bit by bit. I don't have any scientific backing for this, but I believe any pain to my lower body is harmless and I can recover once running is over. But pain in your upper body, say chest pain or headache or nausea might be a warning signal.

4. Like first few minutes, first few days are very important, that is when(including me so many times) people stop. Because for first few days, the pain may be there even after running. So warming up and cooling down,including stretching, is very very important for minimizing the pain and avoiding any internal injury. Take some advice from a experienced runner or trainer.

5. Progress slowly but progressing is important. Slowly either increase your speed or time. Don't let your body be comfortable to a routine. Let your mind deceive the body gracefully, say you are running for 15 minutes push for another couple of minutes, run little more, change your goal slowly.

6. Always remember you are practicing for running not for walking. So don't walk in between and run. Hope you know the difference between walking and running, even If its slow, run slowly. Run at the same speed of walking, but that running is important. The way your body moves is different in running and walking, so make your body habituated to that style. Initial days, you might get severe pain in the lower leg or ankle or knees, but it is not for your body weight but because those your weaker parts in your body. But don't worry with practice they will be strengthened.

7. Find your rhythm, it will take time. When you run for longer time, you spend long time with yourself. Find the exact way you put your foot and push it back, put again, how you move your other body parts, how you move your hands, how you move your head. Try to find the pattern which is most comfortable, you need to follow the same for long running. The right posture and rhythm will protect you from injuries. You can take a expert advice on your running posture.

8. You will be sweating a lot so sip a little water in between. Even If you may not spend much on energy drinks, you can just add little salt & lemon to plain water and drink the same. It will prevent you from getting dehydrated.

9. For starter like me running on treadmill has some advantages : I can see my speed and timing, I may push myself little hard without stopping or reducing the speed where as stopping or slowing down is much easier running on road.

10. Initially take break in between If you are running for longer time, but slowly you will realize stopping completely for couple of minutes and starting again is tougher. As I told you earlier, If you stop you need to start again from the beginning. So rather than stopping for a break, run slowly for some time and than increase your speed again.

11. This is the best way to train your will power. To just keep on running in spite of body pain which would have been constantly urging you to stop can be a real challenge to overcome. You can keep yourself busy in music or some other thought. Enjoy the pain in your body as its only temporary.

12. Give yourself a break in between and allow the body to recover. If you have stretched yourself to the fullest one day, take rest or do some cross training or work out only for upper body.

13. Running with a partner is a good idea, but not necessary. Because its only you(your mind) who is going to fight with your body.

14. Eat well(may be you should consult a nutritionist If not sure), it will help you to recover and prepare you for the next run.

15. Participate in the long running events like marathon, it gives you that important boost.

These worked for me,hope it might also work for you, let me know your views.


  1. Great to know about your progress in four months. Need to force myself into doing it.

  2. Thanks Muthu!!!

    @Indiawilds : Force won't be a correct word, train your body, talk and listen to it, I'm sure you can achieve it. I would like to see your progress after 4 months :)


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