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What next after you woke up?

This is the sequel of my last post : What to do If you are wake up by the last post? Many of the readers asked me, we know all this is happening in our office or work place.

"But what is the way out? What to do?"

"Its very easy to point out the loopholes. Tell us the solution."

Yes you are right, we should seek the solution and the solution lies within us only. The IT industry is nothing but we all, working here and consider our-self as a fraternity. We have achieved a lot as an industry and recognized all over the world. A few rotten apples in the basket is quite natural but we should take the responsibility to clean it as well before it spreads to the whole basket.

In all the scenarios, the situations have been created by few individuals who compromised the ethics to achieve some selfish goals, or in some cases even people wanted to achieve their goals through easier ways. So easier said than done, you have to resist these type of temptations. But its difficult …

Wake up call for Software professionals in India

Analyze the following scenarios:

1. A friend's brother(say his name AB) sent me his CV for opening in IT few months back. AB had completed his MCA with 70% in year 2010. He had mentioned 5 programming languages in his CV including Java, C++ ; Oracle and MS SQL as well. I asked any one language or technology he was proficient, he told he had completed a course in ORACLE in some institute in Hyderabad. I spoke to him in 2012, so for around 2 years(after passing out in 2010) he had achieved this apart from his 3 years of study including 6 months of mandatory project work. I gave him couple of websites where he can find job as intern like let's intern . I needed a personal website, so I told him to develop a website for me and I'll pay for that and he could even have it in his CV , as his project. I received few more follow ups as mail or SMS from him for any opening in my company for his position. But yet to get an update on the website I asked for, its more than 6 months no…