What next after you woke up?

This is the sequel of my last post : What to do If you are wake up by the last post? Many of the readers asked me, we know all this is happening in our office or work place.

"But what is the way out? What to do?"

"Its very easy to point out the loopholes. Tell us the solution."

Yes you are right, we should seek the solution and the solution lies within us only. The IT industry is nothing but we all, working here and consider our-self as a fraternity. We have achieved a lot as an industry and recognized all over the world. A few rotten apples in the basket is quite natural but we should take the responsibility to clean it as well before it spreads to the whole basket.

In all the scenarios, the situations have been created by few individuals who compromised the ethics to achieve some selfish goals, or in some cases even people wanted to achieve their goals through easier ways. So easier said than done, you have to resist these type of temptations. But its difficult as an individual to keep the short cut to success aside and abide by the ethics and principles. If you can do this you will definitely have long term benefits than the short term goals. Sometimes you will be considered a black sheep in your team for calling a spade as spade. Your work ethics can also affect your immediate appraisal. 

There are two types(mostly) of people I have come across : People work for the company or its brand or for a specific exciting product and the other type work for their managers. However you have to work for your self, you need to work on your skills and be a competent resource for which you need not please the company or the manager for everything in your life. There is always an excellent demand for skilled people irrespective of company and industry. Moreover, If you live by your principle, You will be more confident and dependent on yourself than anything else.

Having said that,from my personal experience, you need to learn to craft your words smartly when voicing your concerns. We are working in a professional environment, so even If something bothers you a lot, you don't have the right to misbehave or mistreat anyone. Its important to control your emotion and convey your view points. Sometimes, you might also be wrong, as you may not know the bigger picture which your supervisor be more acquainted with. If you loose your temper, people are well prepared to take advantage of it.

Enough of philosophical lecture, some personal suggestions, for betterment of our IT industry:

1. Never refer your close friend or family members to a position in your company, when you know he/she doesn't fit the requirement.

2. If you think your career has become stagnant, think of your father who spent his whole life with the same employer.

3. Never commit which you are not sure of achieving to neither your boss nor your subordinate.

4. Reward people who deserve, not your lunch time buddy or Gym partner or more common boozing partner.

5. Keep your emotion out of the office place.

6. Never repeat the things you hated in your boss when you become one. Read this

After all, these small boosters cannot ensure you a rewarding career. In long term everything will get even. If you plan and work for a goal with a little longer time frame(say five years), you can achieve a lot and these petty things will seem quite useless. The interesting fact is: we overestimate our goal with 1 year target(hence try all this shortcut) but grossly under estimate our capability for a period of 5 or 10 years.


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