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Can you be a fast learner?

The common misconception is : " He is God Gifted", "It's in his gene", "He is very talented". Most of the times talent is over rated. But the people who are considered as talented (by others), don't believe in this or the day they start believing, everything goes for a toss.

So can you be a fast learner? The answer may be 'Yes'
But If you ask Can you remain a fast learner(till you die;))?
The answer is a big YES.
I strongly believe we all are fast learners by birth, just our education(and some times our parents or relatives) spoils us. So its not the question of how to learn fast, rather it's  how to keep that quality alive within us as we grow.

Few days back, I was going through a job advertisement for a important role in a start up, one point that stroke my imagination : "we believe the most creative people have kept their childhood alive within themselves" 

When is the last time you have jumped in joy like a baby?
Do you…