Can you be a fast learner?

The common misconception is : " He is God Gifted", "It's in his gene", "He is very talented". Most of the times talent is over rated. But the people who are considered as talented (by others), don't believe in this or the day they start believing, everything goes for a toss.

So can you be a fast learner? The answer may be 'Yes'
But If you ask Can you remain a fast learner(till you die;))?
The answer is a big YES.
I strongly believe we all are fast learners by birth, just our education(and some times our parents or relatives) spoils us. So its not the question of how to learn fast, rather it's  how to keep that quality alive within us as we grow.

Few days back, I was going through a job advertisement for a important role in a start up, one point that stroke my imagination : "we believe the most creative people have kept their childhood alive within themselves" 

When is the last time you have jumped in joy like a baby?
Do you get bored more often?
How you get hooked up to an activity which interests you?

All these qualities we had but slowly we forget them and grow older and become mature to turn slow learner.

You would have seen now a days small kids are very familiar with smart phones or laptops or any gadgets. They learn handling them faster, play games and other features better than us(an adult).

Have you ever observed how they do that?

My five year old nephew plays games in my mobile better(scores more) than me. I got curious and started observing him when he takes the phone. I got a new phone recently and like always he would always demand my new phone to play game. I gave him and observed how he started using a new phone.

First unlocking it, the key combination to unlock is different from the older phone, he is familiar with. So he started pressing the key combinations, keenly observing the result in the screen. In the screen, it actually displays the keys to unlock symbolically. In few times he got it and unlocked the phone.He remembers that combination for ever, he unlocks the phone now effortlessly.

Then navigating to the game folder. He browsed through the icons, opened them checked If games are there. Like that he tried one by one and reached the game folder and started a game. He can not read English, so he can not understand the  options like menu,setting,start,exit etc. But within few minutes he tried all of them and figured it out which option did what and started playing the game. While playing the game also, normally I read the instruction to learn which buttons does what. But he just started the game and pressed keys randomly. The game was getting over but he was not getting irritated or bored. He was keenly observing, which keys did what. He didn't got bored of trying rather laughing and shouting seeing the screen even though he was not able to play the game. But something was happening in the screen and he was happy with that. Then I got bored and just told him to use the joystick in the middle to move right left top bottom. Then he started playing the real game. After few days, he could complete new levels that I am still struggling to complete.

The point is trying trying and trying without getting bored or irritated is the key to learn new stuff. Sometimes I feel the kids are ignorant of the feelings like boring or irritating which we learn as we grow. We also stop trying instead seek others help or try shortcut. From childhood we are always told by parents or teachers : Don't do this or else you would fail or you suffer. So we slowly stop trying new things and just follow the tried and tested paths and get ordinary results. We also lose our focus or keen observation power slowly and get distracted easily. Then last but not the least, getting hooked to something interesting. If you know about the 10000 hour rule: you need to practice 10000 hours to be an expert of any skill. So when people say Sachin Tendulkar is a Genius, they actually discount the amount of hard work and practice behind his performance we see on the matches. You may be talented but to excel you need to practice and hone your skills.


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