Tips for Toastmaster Humorous Speech Contest

I learned the most, during  my journey from the club level contest to division level in last couple months, of my toast master journey which I want to share.

How to write a Humorous Speech:
  • Find a topic which connect to your audience across the age group.
  • Find a subject, a personality or a object or even your self which you can describe to very minute details and people can also co-relate. 
  • Humorous speech need not be a series of jokes, but find the subtle humor in the most common experiences or subject you have chosen.
  • The most important thing is to create a built up or set up by exaggerating the facts around the subject and give them a twist.   
  • Watch some stand up comedy shows, humorous speeches, to get the ideas on how humor works, but never copy them.
  • Make sure to have good punch during first 30 seconds of your script or even better If you can start with one, before audience start creating wrong perception about your speech.
  • The speech evolves over time, so don't hesitate to change for good idea or suggestions.
  • Make sure to end the speech with a good punch. 
How to practice:
  • A good humorous speech is like a mono-acting,you need to perform not just speak, see some wining speeches from youtube.
  • Work on the script for timing and mark the punches you cannot afford to miss.
  • Practice in front of mirror/record your voice and work on them.
  • Mark the lines where audience laugh during practice in front of some people. You can consider modifying your script as per audience recommendation.
  • Practice as much as you can till every punch and their sequence is printed in your mind. Sometimes your mind will be blank due to nervousness during the speech, rigorous practice can be helpful for those situations.
Delivery of your speech:

If you have done the last two steps perfectly, here you just need to relax and give your best. Just imagine your are describing a funny situation to your close friends. Make yourself free on the stage and forget about wining. Enjoy the moment rest is history.


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