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How that dream home is killing Indian Entrepreneurs!!!

The most preferred investment option of Indians is real estate or more specifically buying your(own) house. Whether peer pressure or family pressure or excess cash from working abroad, the first priority of every young Indian is to buy a house. Most of them buy a flat in a multi-storied apartment complex. How wise is this decision is a debatable subject.

There was a time (at least 5-7 years back), the flat price was at attractive level, those who could afford to buy at that time made a killing. But that can not be extrapolated to the current situation. Real estate prices in most cities are inflated and at all time how level now. Then why do people mindlessly fall in that dream house trap. Owning your own house has its own emotional satisfaction but I would be more interested to analyze the other side of the story.

Let us analyze the reasons for which people make that decision:

Pressure from family or peer or relative is one of the reason for people to buy house. We compare all friend…