About Me

     These are the highlights of my Professional career:

  • I have completed B.E. in Electrical Engineering from University College Of  Engineering(now known as VSSUT), Burla   My College Website                                                                                                             
  • I started my career with Infosys, worked as Test Engineer for 3 years                                                                                 
  • Then I joined Oracle, worked as QA Engineer for Fusion CRM  for 3 years                                           
  • Currently with Herbalife International as Principal Applications Analyst 
A brief about me:

I've never known what to say about myself....But If I cannot then who else???

I am, simply, who I am.
You can get to know me.. if you want... the list is missing a lot. I can't remember everything.. I'm terrible about it.

Me! A very practical & philosophical being, very fond of his friends!!!!

I know only two things...Either Love or Hate. And give 100 % in both!!!!

Love those who love me, ignore those who hate me, like taking things to the center, don't pretend or lie, always making friends,love to take calculated risk, don't care what others think, decisive, daydreamer, soft spoken, very unromantic, touchy and easily jealous, concerned, just and fair,
spendthrift and easily influenced as well as very influential, dynamic personality, motivating, hates restrictions, sense of humor, love challenges, love attention, very patient,very much commited and determined, secretive and reserved, superstitious, ambitious, and SERIOUS! Guess.. that's brief enough

[Something I Really Hate] --> the hypocrites, the liars, those who purposely lie


Talking behind a person's back, hating them even if you don't know them.


I'm moody. I love myself. Full of attitude yet no ego.
My Addictions: Can say with pride 'I HAVE NO ADDICTION'...n I love India
I believe IMPOSSIBLE : I'm Possible

Want any more!!

Me a fun loving, full of enthu guy, n energetic too. Me believe in living life to the fullest!!
Also love making friends and knowing new people!!!!
An introvert who is now an ambivert and may take time to open up to new people but once I am relaxed in company of that person then it can be smooth sailing from there. :-)

Have been told that I ask a lot of questions!! But that's the way I get to know the things...

Life is the path to know yourself little bit more than what u knew a day before. So the quest is on!!

Even though I am a software tester by profession, I have variety of interests ranging from Business, Finance to Entrepreneurship and Philosophy to name a few.I love reading (both books and online websites or blogs etc), traveling and watching movies.

With time I have acquired many skills, experiences, techniques, methods, I call them life-skills, which have helped me to lead a better and more meaningful life. I like to share those ideas and interact with people of different domain and skill sets. The posts in this blog are my thoughts and actions which have helped me to a great extent, hence I feel like sharing them. Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments, or get in touch with me at prasanna [dot] sabat [at] gmail If you need anything specific.


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