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I love to browse blogs and sites for information and knowledge. 
Following are some of the interesting web sites or blogs or internet applications available for free.
The purpose is mostly for my own reference or for others who want to explore the new stuffs online.
The list will be updated as and when I find them in no particular order.


1.The best crowd sourcing platform for Software testing professionals I have come across as of now : utest
It allows you to register your self as tester, who can participate in test cycles for various application available for testing and get paid for finding valid defects. Don't expect you can just register and start earning big bucks but a good platform for learning and development for testing professionals.

2.Compare price of books,mobiles,camera etc in various online websites, then you can make a smart decision on from where to buy: MySmartPrice

3. Want to stay at home instead of hotels when you travel to new place? Here you can find Oravel

4. Compare price of  books available in 17 eCommerce sites in India provided you have the ISBN number of the book : ISBN 

But If you don't have the ISBN number you can try in MyDiscountBay or IndiaBookStore

5. You want to publish a book, may be one copy or few copies for private distribution or for public distribution as well. But you won't get a publisher who would be agreed to publish your book unless you are a renowned author.
Then you can try Pothi

or lulu (here you can even publish calender, photo books etc) 

6. What service you can get in Rs 500 ? Check here
    Or for 5$ here

7. A free world class education for anyone anywhere : Khan Academy


  1. Great Post.There are many online bookstores to collect book prices and compare.All the compare search engines are collecting book prices from them.As a part of that i would like to suggest another great book store that offers huge textbooks online for students.That is


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